Men and women are created differently. They think, process, act and react differently - even in the same situation. Women are naturally gifted in areas that men are not. Men are naturally gifted in areas that women are not. 

Men can have better relationships with their wives when they learn to use a few tools that may not come naturally to them.  Women can find greater satisfaction in marriage if they will learn and practice using tools that they may not now be using.

It's not rocket science, but it does require just a little bit of effort. Men, check out some of the tools designed just for you that will help you have the marriage you want. Women, try out some of these tools designed for you and see if mastering some of them won't help you create the relationship you want with your husband.

Happy tinkering!

What’s a Man to Do?

First, recognize that conflict is inevitable in every marriage. Arguing doesn’t mean you aren’t meant for each other. It does mean you should take note of the “warning lights” and make an effort to fix what’s wrong. The good news is you can - it’s not rocket science! Couples who have great relationships use specific TOOLS every day that keep their relationship strong. They pay attention to the relationship and don’t take it for granted. They find ways to stay connected and in touch. They intentionally express and demonstrate their devotion to each other. They have learned not to react, but to manage conflict in a way that does not destroy the blocks on which the marriage is built: trust, kindness, friendship, love and fidelity.

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