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Christine Erickson, LMHC 

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over ten years of experience as a professional counselor.  A marriage relationship is difficult work and very often couples find themselves stuck in unhealthy communication patterns which leave them feeling distant or unattached. Underneath a couple’s anger, frustration, and distance is often pain from the hurting relationship.  Despite these difficult feelings a couple may experience, I believe spouses desire to feel a strong emotional bond with each other.  Couples often struggle to know how to change unhealthy patterns and how to reconnect as a couple again.  The good news is that assistance from a professional counselor can help!  In my marital counseling, I work with couples to develop insight into their communication patterns, teach more healthy and effective ways to interact, and to ultimately reconnect the couple with a close emotional bond.  It would be my pleasure to talk with you further regarding your marriage or my work as a counselor.

Randy Nord, D.Min., Pastoral Counselor

I have been working with couples and families for 29 years – 15 in the parish and 14 as a counselor with Lutheran Family Service. Marriage counseling is hard work, but it is also extremely rewarding. When a couple comes to see me for marriage counseling, it is usually after they have already tried every thing they can think of the fix things on their own. Often they feel as if they have failed, and are frustrated and discouraged, with little hope that it can ever be “fixed”. It is my privilege to work with couples, first to encourage with the understanding that it is possible to “fix” what is wrong, and that they are not “failures” for having been unable to do so on their own. It is often very hard to fix things from inside of the marriage. When you are in the middle of daily conflict and emotional pain, it becomes difficult to have perspective, to see the “big picture” of where you are and where you are headed. It is helpful to have a guide, who can help the two of you to get some perspective, recognize your strengths, identify specific areas that need to be “fixed”, and work together with you on a plan to restore your marriage. It would be my privilege to walk with you through this challenging time toward a healthier marriage.